Good Girls, Gone Naughty


A party bus, panty liners, t-shirts, scissors, and shots were just the beginning of this Bachelorette Tour. On this beautiful Saturday afternoon, me and 8 beautiful ladies headed to one of Atlanta’s luxury toy stores. The bride to be and her team explored a world of toys and furniture. I educated the ladies on ways to incorporate these novelties into their bedroom lifestyles. After a few naughty purchases, and lots of laughs, the ladies were whisked off.

A lovely catered dinner awaited the crew. Over cocktails and crab cakes the conversations about love, life, business and being sexy for husbands filled the air. After a quick change into our evening wear (lingerie), the evening proceeded with the SOS signature Alter Ego session. A collection of lessons including sexy faces, circling hips, and a strap on;). Good old fashion Naughty Night School.

The ladies celebrated a friends last hooray in grand fashion. Classy, naughty, sexy, and well educated all in an 8 hour adventure. A Bachelorette day to remember.

Smooches, Harley

A Song for Mr. Grey

If Ana Steele could write a song for Mr. Christian Grey, this would be it. I love the “Fifty Shades of Grey” trilogy, with its lusty love scenes. As an ode to Mr. Fifty Shades of F**ked Up (must have read book to get this), I am giving my classic Alter Ego Party a Grey twist. Our striptease lesson will now be taught to this “I’ve been a bad girl, spank me” song. To make it complete we have added lots of basic bondage, toys, and adventure to the menu. This has all the things that would make little Ana flush, plus lots of fun for your inner goddess.