Sexy Summer Dance Camp


We are doing Summer right at School of Seduction.  We are a month into our Sexy Dance Camp and the ladies are learning how to shake things up a bit while having fun.  We will continue the fun this month with more sexy dance, plus other classes to assist our ladies in enhancing their sexy and confidence.  We look forward to seeing you in class:)

What We Do at School of Seduction


The School of Seduction is higher education for women/couples seeking to reinvent their sexy confidence or wanting to enhance various aspects of their romantic and intimate lifestyles. We believe that fun and adventure is the spice of any long term relationship. Therefore, it is our mission to provide each student with an innovative and creative learning experience. SOS takes pride in creating a learning environment that is private and expressive. A space that gives the tools and knowledge needed to build confidence in self, flirting, seducing, romance, and sex. Our curriculum is designed to increase the intimacy and fun in romantic relationships. There is no nudity in our workshops. 

Join us in the near future for fun, adventure, and intimacy.


Sexy Summer Dance Camp: Columbus


Join School of Seduction in Columbus, Ga for our Sexy Summer Dance Camp.  This class will teach you how to lap dance, twerk, and booty shake like a video vixen.  This is the perfect get together for a Girl’s Night Out.  We welcome women of all ages and booty sizes.

Class Attire: Please wear booty shorts/cutoffs, tank top, fishnets, high heels, Please bring a man’s dress shirt. Look pretty and smell sweet:)

*Don’t forget you favorite water, sports drink, or wine.

Register Here

We will meet you in Columbus!

XO, Harley

Lover’s Academy Atlanta

HarleysProjectLoversAcademyAtlanta_Flyer_May (3)

Click the link to register for this course:

Complete Series: Single $140/ Couple $250
Drop In Class: Single $40/ Couple $70
Singles & Couples are welcome.
Location: The Gallery EAV, 490 Flat Shoals Ave., SE, Atlanta, Ga

School of Seduction’s Lover’s Academy is an interactive and fun way to learn new skills to add to your bedroom playbook.  Classes are designed to help students discover passion and adventure in their intimate and romantic relationships.  So, in order to make each student feel at ease, classes are held in an intimate location in East Atlanta.

This 4 weeks class series will cover a wide range of topics from oral sex to kinky play. Each class is fit for singles, couples, male, or female. Feel free to try all classes or to drop in for date night.

If you are looking to add new techniques and tricks to your love life?  Or you are simply looking for a twist to date night with your significant other?  These classes are for you!  Please come to class with an open mind.  And ready to explore the fun of intimacy and the adventure of sex.

*There is no nudity in these classes. SOS believes in a fun, safe, and sex positive learning environment.  Please leave your crazy at home:)

Party Class: Black Lingerie Theme

lingpostSchool of Seduction party classes are a great way to celebrate a Bachelorette’s last night.  These parties are naughty and infused with tips and tricks to take home to her new hubby.

This weekend we are excited to help a bachelorette celebrate with a black lingerie themed party class. Lingerie is such a great dress code for your party attendants.  It gives guest the freedom to be sensual, sexy, and glamorous.

Here is an inspiration board of a few looks  we loved on Pinterest.  Plus, a few tips to make each lady feel sexy and comfortable.

  • Pick lingerie that makes you feel comfortable and sexy.  Take your bestie with you for good feedback.
  • Be creative in putting your outfit together.  Be your own fantasy.
  • Don’t forget to glamourize with jewelry, sexy heels, and other accessories.
  • Don’t forget to wear boy shorts, thongs, pasties, or bras to cover the areas other party guest do not care to see:)
  • Shower, moisturize, and add a sprinkle of smell good.
  • Throw a sexy dress or jacket on over your outfit.  And head out.
  • Oh, don’t forget your open-mindedness and fun attitude.

See you at the party class! What will you wear?

Smooches, Harley