Tease: Sweet & Bubbly


Happy New Year! We are welcoming 2015 with bottles popping sexiness. Let’s get things off to a sweet start with your lover. Give him something he can feel (and taste). This class is designed to add a sophisticated, yet magical twist to your bedroom repertoire. Pleasure for all from January to December.

This class will run 4 dates, 6 sessions, 2 cities. Seating is very limited to keep the quality of intimacy. Online registration with be available 2 weeks prior to the class date.

Stay tuned for more sweet details.

Here’s to Valentine’s training. Get ready. We have so many tricks up our sleeve…all naughty😉

Sexy Halloween Face Inspo

Photo cred: Pinterest

Sexy Photo cred: Pinterest

Halloween is the perfect opportunity to play out your fantasies for you lover and the world.  To get all dressed up for a good time, gives you a surge of sexy energy.  This year Halloween falls on the weekend.  Have you planned your wickedly seductive romantic event?  A costume, sexy heels, and some naughty trick to tease and please.  Make him look forward to Halloween like a little kid wanting candy.  Need a few tricks and treats to make his Fall season sweeter?  Join our Halloween Party Class, November 1 @ 6pm in Columbus, GA.

With only a week left to get ready for your weekend with him, or a night out with friends.  You may need a few quick ideas to get the ball rolling.  Here are some pretty sexy costume ideas.

1. 1950’s House Wife (We know how I love the house wife..lol)

2.  Sexy Clown

3.  Miss Kitty (Meow!)

4.  Bad Teacher

5.  Black Widow Spider

6.  Mother Nature

Tell us your sexy Halloween costume ideas.  What will you do fun?

Sexy Halloween Party Class

Photo Cred: Pinterest

Photo Cred: Pinterest

Who said Halloween was just for the kids?  This Halloween, get your “Tricks & Treats” from School of Seduction.  Put on your sexiest costume or not–fishnets are always acceptable–and join us for some naughty fun.  What can you expect from Miss Harley?  This party class will add a wickedly sexy twist to your sexy esteem and your bedroom game. Let Him be the motive. Tuition: $30 advance online ticket, $35 at Door Ticket Link: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/sexy-halloween-party-class-tickets-13900257043 Includes: Treats & Drinks Bar and Oral Kit Here are the sessions:

  • I am a Sex Kitten-Boost your sexy prowess. Confidence is the key!
  • Naughty Tricks & Oral Treats-Give him something he can feel and taste;)
  • BOO-ty Work 101-Shake a little something for your treats.
  • Sexxx Dreams & Screams-Fantasies do the Trick. The Big “O” a Treat!

*Dress Code:  Sexy Costume or Sexy Black Outfit, Sex heels, Makeup and Hair. Harley Bucks: Earn $$ towards your tuition.  Bucks can be used towards upcoming Fall Classes or Party Classes.

  • Bring a girlfriend= 1 Harley Buck each
  • Follow IG/HearHarleyRoar=1 Buck
  • Employee: Aflac, Tsys, Blue Cross Blue Shield = 2 Harley Bucks
  • Bachelorette= 2 Harley Bucks
  • Military ID= 5 Harley Bucks
  • Book a Party Class= 10 Harley Bucks

*Bucks are given in your class session. Email Questions to Harleyseductionschool@gmail.com Follow us on Instagram @ HearHarleyRoar What will your Sexy Costume look like?  Give us ladies some inspiration.

Join Us 7/11

intimate1  Intimacy Remix Cocktail Event

Join School of Seduction for our Intimacy Workshop hosted at the Urban Temple Spa on

July 11, 2014 @ 9pm until 10:30pm

This event is for girlfriends to come together, enjoy cocktails, and get tips from Harley on intimacy, romance, and adding a sizzle to the bedroom.

The tuition for this event is FREE. 

If you would like to attend this event please visit the link below:


Share this with girlfriends and co-workers.

Invest in your relationships and it will give you the return you desire.



Finding Confidence In a Click.



Confident. Powerful. Beautiful. Sexy.  These are the words that come to mind when I see this photograph, taken by the late Marlene Lillian.  In 2010, I started Sultry Soiree, now known as the School of Seduction, as an outlet to educate women in many areas of confidence, life, and intimacy. As a part of this dream brand, I wanted to allow woman a space to have professional boudoir photos taken as a gift for themselves or significant other.  In my mind I had a vision of what sexy looked and felt like. I needed a photographer who would see my vision in the same light, then came Marlene.  She was funny, passionate, and a true artist. I knew she was perfect.

We set a date, began planning, and the ladies signed up.  Some were existing students others were new to the concept of my brand.  As the coach, I volunteered to be photographed first, as an example to my students.  Secretly, my students did not know  this would be a challenge for my shy side.  Having my picture taken in a sexy manner was one of those moments of discomfort and insecurity for me.  At the time one of my best friends, Lala was my assistant, so she helped, we shopped, as well as assisted others in their boudoir vision.  We were ready and prepared to have our first marathon boudoir photo shoot, at the elegant Gates House Bed & Breakfast in Columbus, Georgia.

On shoot day I woke up with mixed emotions about the pending day’s events.  I was super excited that a dream for my business would come true.  But, I was terrified that I had signed myself up to be photographed.  It did not matter that I had sexy outfits, or that I was accustom to being viewed as a sex symbol. Or that I was considered the confidence coach for the women who would follow me in the same task.  All I could think about was, the thought of a stranger looking at me through her lens.  Not just looking, but capturing the way she see saw me.  The mere thought made me crazy and ultimately my assistant too.  She was in awe, of the sight of my panic.

My assistant told me to find Harley (my alter ego) and pull it together.  So, I drove to the B & B to get this terrifying dream day started.  I had my face made and got dressed.  In walked, my friend Temeshia, student and my class photographer.  She was so supportive and excited, helping me laugh away some of the nerves.  More ladies started to arrive for makeup and wardrobe.  In that moment I was reminded of the lessons I had shared with the ladies over the previous months.  The most important lesson being, you have to be confident, no matter who is looking at you or what you think they maybe thinking.  So, after a glass of wine, I climbed on this most gorgeous bed, to have my picture taken.  The first few clicks were nerve-wracking, but I never said stop.  After more than 200 clicks I began to feel Sexy, Powerful, Beautiful, Confident.  It was amazing that what seemed so scary just moments before, started to feel glorious, and freeing, and natural.

The day was a success, as I returned to my role as coach and assisted my ladies in having the best moment of their lives.  The boudoir sessions have become an important part of the Alter Ego Series, it is the next step in pushing past our comfort zones into confidence.  To this day I have used my boudoir photos as an example to my students that if I can, so can you.  At the end of the day I am woman, I am a work in progress.

I truly miss Marlene’s laugh and what she brought to my brand.  I learned so much about my self through her lens.

Be Confident.  Be Sexy.  Be You.

xo, Harley